From the recordings Turn To Stone (album track) and FULL CIRCLE

The song was originally a limited release and finished 2005 as one of the TOP 100 songs in Canada for the entire year. It has been remastered and re-released to both country and AC formats worldwide in 2013 and will be re-released again in 2023.


TURN TO STONE - (Erica Ehm- Cassandra Vasik-Tim Thorney)
Performed by Lynne Taylor Donovan
CD "Talk To Me" (Pacific Records PR03-001)
Video "Turn To Stone" (Pacific Records PRV-04-001)

I'm not always feeling like I'm wasted
I'm just tired of it all
Can you read my lips, I'm not your baby doll

You know, I don't do lonely
It's just too hard for me to fall
I move on my way, then I hit the wall

You can save me from sinking
You can take me home
But then you turn away
And I turn to stone, I turn to stone

You know, the truth is always risky
And there's none of it around
So you show your hand, or you just get out of town

And now, I'm headin' east of eden
Just to look for common ground
I know my place, and I ain't goin' down,down,down

My dreams are barely, barely breathing
And I scare myself to death
I ride alone - I'm runnin' out of breath


Brent Shindell-guitars
Geoff Eyre-drums,backing vocals
Billy Mendoza-bass,backing vocals
Keith Bennet-harmonicas
Jesse Zubot-fiddle