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TURN TO STONE" VIDEO REVIEW This lady rocks! Lynne Taylor Donovan has got a good classic feel to this music and a whole set of talent surrounding her in this video for the single “Turn To Stone.” It has elements of rock & country with sharp dynamics and melodic harmonies in the music that support Lynne Taylor Donovan’s rock-raspy sweet vocals. She puts in an outstanding performance here on an all-around great song that really showcases some of the real heart that can be found in the world of rock-country music. Bringing in roughly 20000-25000 eyes & ears per month.”

Sleeping Bag media - Vancouver, Canada

Skope reviews the UK/University release of "Soft Place”

SKOPE Magazine - Boston, USA - "Soft Place" review

.....she’s had her debut voted as an Album of the Month in England, and she’s also claimed a Jukebox Award, again in England. LTD is not only attractive....but the gal can sing......"Talk To Me" is a mid-paced rocker. With its Shania-tinged feel, the track has been pulling keen European, American, and Canadian radio interest. Other standout tracks include the riff-driven "Soft Place". With its tale of a harrowed heroine looking for a man with some emotional strength, the track serves as a signpost to other neighborhood disturbances - "Turn To Stone," "Lies," the moody "The Doctor," and the mandolin, Dobro, guitar and drum fest played out on "Angel In Your Eyes," a former #3 on European charts.....a clutch of choice tunes, a sultry and attractive appearance, and a band who hang tight on every perfect note, it’s an accurate description.” - George Peden

— Country Review-Australia

Donovan possesses one of those smokey-throated voices with lots of passion reminiscent somewhat of Bobbie Gentry.... L.T.Donovan is really versatile with her music, scoring nicely here.... all ten tracks here have radio hit potential....” - Larry Delaney

Country Music News - Canada

....Emotive and passionate.... inspired....memorable performances.... Donovan at times walks the country-pop line, but does so with sincerity and just enough spicing from mandolin, dobro, and harmonica to keep it all in the country camp. Perseverance has paid off for Lynne Taylor Donovan and this disc should continue to keep her career on track.” - Peter North

— Canadian Cowboy Country

....this girl doesn't sound like Wynette or Cline or any of the other country greats, she has a style and voice all her good a debut album as you will ever class....classy must buy country album” - David and Jean Eddison

— Blazing Boots Magazine - U.K.

....her sound is guitar based country, polished and modern, as good as any from today's Nashville sounding hits".” - Brigitte Strachan

— Country Music and Dance-Scotland