Turn To Stone - Video story

The making of  the the video for Turn To stone was a very interesting experience.
Everyday was a 5am call to the set and lasted an average of 14 hours. We shot two videos at multiple locations over 5 days in and around Vancouver at the same time so there were constant scene changes that involved several costume and hair changes.
It was hard sometimes remembering  which video the segments were for.
Fortunately, the crew was on top of it so Lynne didn't have to worry. She just showed up and the they took care of everything.

For Turn To stone, Lynne endured a special effects session where she had a body cast done for the statue in the video. She had a photo taken of a pose for a segment of the chorus. She had a skull cap fitted to cover her hair and then held the pose while a crew of 8 covered her with a rubbery solution which was then covered with plaster. They had to work fast because the plaster hardens quickly. Lynne had to hold the pose until the plaster hardened. She couldn't hear, see, or speak for 20 minutes. There were a few tense moments while they cut the mould off in sections using little saws and finger knives. The statue was created and the clothing, hair and footwear were carved, by hand, into the statue. Seeing the statue everyday on set and seeing herself 'frozen in time' was quite an unusual experience.

There are many special effects in the video including Lynne turnng into the statue and running through one of the photographers as she left the stage at the awards show.  The second unit took shots of traffic which were added during editing to the windows on the bus to give the impression the bus was moving. There are blistering solos on harmonica and fiddle. The band on the video is the same band Lynne records and tours with.

There was a crew of 47 involved in the making of the videos and we were very fortunate to have some extremely talented people including the following:
Director: Jon Rosenbaum
Director of photography : Karl Herrmann ("E.T", "I, Robot", "The Sentinel")
Cameras: Harvey LaRocque ("I, Robot", "The Clinic")
1st assistant Director: Gord MacDonald ("Dead like Me", "Carrie", "First wave"}

Dear santa (full length) - Dear santa (promo version)