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Hello everyone, Welcome to my website.

I am very proud to be able to put everything in one place for all of you to see.
These are exciting times and I send a sincere thankyou to all my fans, DJs, Presenters and friends around the world for your tremendous support!
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Lynne has finished recording her new single. Session went extremely well. Lynne's vocals are superb.

The song is in mastering as of October 21.

You can listen to the great interview Tim Kelly at KICR radio in Branson, Missouri did with Lynne on August 13 by clicking on the link below. Place your cursor on the sound bar and move ahead to 88 minutes.

KICR Indie Country Radio 


LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN "STRONG ONE" Canadian country music song helps the world through crisis.

read the whole story in LYNNE NEWS. or click on MUSIC FARMER.


Lynne Taylor Donovan gets Billboard EU "Artist of the Month" for June. Read all about it at 'Lynne News'.


LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN finished 2016 with two songs in the Hotdisc European "Most Popular Songs" Top 20 as well as a nomination for "MOST SUCCESSFUL INTERNATIONAL ACT " in the UK. "Strong One" came in at #9 and "Am I Dreaming" came in at #20 for the year. "Strong One" stayed in the top 10 for 10 weeks and was #1 for 3 weeks. "Am I Dreaming" hit #2 for 5 weeks. The link to the "MOST POPULAR SONGS" is on the links and Chart page for you. READ THE FULL STORY AT "LYNNE NEWS"....CONGRATS LYNNE!!