Am I Dreaming

LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN : Am I Dreaming Après le succès rencontré en Europe avec "The Strong One", LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN propose aujourd'hui "Am I Dreaming" où elle dévoile ses rêves les plus romantiques avec brio et enthousiasme. Entre songe et réalité, une chanson positive. La jolie Canadienne de Vancouver possède un talent naturel de conteuse dotée d'une pointe d'humour contagieuse. En l'écoutant, on a l'impression d'être assis à ses côtés en pleine conversation. Charme et douceur au programme. (GOOGLE TRANSLATION) LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN: Am I Dreaming After the success in Europe with "The Strong One", LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN now offers "Am I Dreaming" where she reveals her most romantic dreams with gusto and enthusiasm. Between dream and reality, a positive song. Vancouver has a nice Canadian natural talent as a storyteller with a touch of humor contagious. Listening to her, it seems we sitting next to her in conversation. Charm and sweetness in the program.”


This review is in German.” - Dieter Muhlena

Country Home Magazine - Germany

DJ, Radio Station and Country Rating Airplay Comments 001 Rene Hofmann, Country Radio, Switzerland 8 Yes Very good track 002 Gerd Stassen, EVW Radio, Germany 7 003 John Staff, Mid Downs Radio, UK 6 004 Tommy Truesdale, West Beat FM, UK 8 Yes Superb follow to Strong One 005 Ricky Lee, CMR Nashville Radio, UK 8 Yes Great vocals 006 Maurice Hope, Rock n Reel magazine, UK 6 Pop country that fades into the background all too soon, needs a little more depth and imagination to gain my complete attention. 007 Tom Robinson, Kingstown Radio, UK 7 Yes Another laid-back performance from Lynne - fine vocal and pleasant listening 008 Kurt Gabriel, ECMA Radio, Austria 10 Yes Excellent voice, excellent song 009 Stewart Fenwick, Celtic Music Radio, UK 6 Yes Quite pleasant 010 Marten Van Der Laan, Radio Compagnie, France 6 Yes 011 Graham Lees, Radio Fish, UK 9 Yes Terrific Canadian act 012 Arno Bierings, Eagle Radio, Holland 8 Yes Superb record 013 Sandy Watt, Waves Radio, UK 8 Yes She just gets better and better 014 Ray James. Somervalley FM, UK 6 015 Jeremy Rees, BRFM Radio, UK 9 Yes Most enjoyable 016 Wilfried Wieczorek, OMCRN Radio, Germany 8 Yes 017 Etienne Berthels, RTF Radio, Belgium 8 Yes Very great performance. Very talented artist 018 Rory Heath, Country Barnyard Radio, USA 10 Yes Great song 019 Joe Bartolo, One Radio, Malta 10 Yes Excellent 020 Erik Topholm, Country Kanalen, Denmark 6 021 Peter Englefield, Belter Radio, UK 8 Yes 022 Lucien Knapen, Radio Ariane, Belgium 9 Yes Outstanding single 023 Phil Walsh, Seckler Sounds Radio, UK 6 Yes 024 Urbain Van Geerteruy, Radio Beiiard, Belgium 10 Yes 025 Gerry Ford, 2 Sea FM, Australia 8 Yes She never makes a bad record 026 Patrick Molis, IDFM Radio, France 7 Yes 027 David Miller, Puketuku Radio, New Zealand 6 Yes 028 Trudy Burke, WYN FM, Australia 10 Yes Faultless production 029 Peter Rouch, Faroya Radio, Faroe Islands 9 Yes 030 John Morris, Trust AM, UK 10 Yes Top marks from me 031 Sean Green, Shine FM, Ireland 8 Yes Good song 032 Keith Greentree, BBC Radio Norfolk, UK 6 Yes She really has found a perfect fit with this new song style 033 Gilles Martin, Radio Aria, France 6 Yes very impressive 034 Bryan Chalker, UK Country Music Radio, UK 8 Yes Beautiful rendition 035 Alan Foulkes, Radio Broadgreen, UK 4 Ok 036 Richard Kirk, Radio West Midlands, UK 7 Yes Very nice 037 Jacques Dufour, Radio Lyon 1, France 6 Yes Ce Bon 038 David Callister, Manx Radio, Isle of Man 8 Yes Loved it! 039 Paul Hazell, Uckfield FM, UK 7 Yes I really liked this, it has character 040 Stuart Cameron, East Coast FM, UK 9 Yes This grows on me, very catchy song, and well delivered 041 Marie Crichton, BBC Radio Shropshire, UK 4 Sorry not for me 042 Dieter Trenkler, Radio Welle Niederheim, Germany 10 Yes Best song on Hotdisc this month 043 Eddie Ford, Phoenix FM, Australia 4 044 Bauke Van Der Vliet, Smelme FM, Netherlands 10 Yes Great country song 045 Graham McLeod, Black Diamond FM, UK 8 Yes 046 Hans Mair, Radio Osttirol, Austria 8 Yes 047 Adrian Clark, Country Routes News magazine, UK 8 Spacious, richly country and slick on this sweet number 048 Andrew Wallace, Fraser Coast FM, Australia 7 Yes Good song 049 Robert MacMillan, Nevis Radio, UK 4 too traditional for me 050 Craig Parry, Dapper FM, UK 6 yes A little dreamy in a good way, nice vocal.”

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