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Get all of Lynne's music including the NEW SMASH HIT " TENNESSEE WHISKEY" , the NUMBER 1 HIT SINGLE "STRONG ONE"
the top 10 singles "SUGAR LAKE", "AM I DREAMING", "TURN TO STONE", "ANGEL IN YOUR EYES", and of course the Christmas classic "DEAR SANTA".
Lynne songs are available on over 60 sites worldwide. We have listed a few here...and, yes, ringtones are available on most of these sites. The entire "Talk To Me" CD is also on these sites. It contains 6 European TOP 10 singles and 5 Canadian TOP 40 singles.

HEARNOW SHORTCUT - This site will let you into the most popular download sites for Lynne's music.


Lynne Taylor Donovan AMAZON Music store

Apple Music - all of Lynne's music

TIDAL MUSIC - 5 TOP 5 Songs including the number 1 hit Strong One and the new release Tennessee Whiskey

KKBOX - Asia's leading streaming service