Sooner Or Later

LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN - "Sooner or Later" DJ, Radio Station and Country Rating Comments 001 Nicole Trudel, Country Gold Jukebox Radio, Toronto, Canada 6 (Good song) 002 Rolf Hierath, Radio Rheinwelle, Dresden, Germany 10 (Stunning track) 003 Marion Lacroix, Radio Avesta, Sweden 8 (This is a very good song - she has a lovely voice) 004 Dan Reddington, Big City Radio, UK 6 005 Jacques Dufour, Radio Lyon 1,France 6 006 Etienne Berthels, RTF Radio, Belgium 8 (Great performance, nice voice. Good style) 007 Linda Hoig, KHBW Radio, USA 8 (Very good track) 008 Gerd Stassen, Radio EMS Vechte Welle, Germany 8 Yes 009 Ricky Lee, Warminster Radio, UK 8 Yes 010 Dieter Trenkler, CMR Radio, Germany 4 011 Petur Rouch, Faroya Radio, Faroe Islands 10 Yes (Excellent) 012 Stuart Cameron, East Coast Radio, UK 9 Yes (after all the songs she has released she STILL sounds as good as ever. Great talent! To see her performing in the UK in the near future would be brilliant!) 013 David Callister, Manx Radio, Isle of Man 6 014 Keith Greentree, BBC Radio Norfolk, UK 6 (Nice song, not quite country enough for my show) 015 Robert MacMillan, Nevis Radio, UK 9 Yes (Playing this) 016 Alan Foulkes, Radio Broadgreen, UK 4 017 Bryan Chalker, UK Country Radio, UK 6 Yes 018 Gilles Martin, Radio Aria, France 6 019 Sheila Manson, BBC Radio Shetland, UK 2 (Didn’t like it) 020 Rory Heath, Country Barnyard Radio, UK 10 Yes (Great song) 021 Trudy Burke, WYN FM, Australia 10 Yes (Top marks) 022 Patrick Molis, IDFM Radio, France 7 023 Graham McLeod, Black Diamond FM, UK 8 Yes (Very good arrangement and vocal) 024 Ray James, Somervalley FM, UK 6 025 Maurice Hope, Rock n Reel Magazine, UK 5 N/A (Lynne Taylor Donovan makes a good fist at presenting a ballad worth the listener’s time and money. Shame there is a ton of like-minded songs out there.) 026 Chris Smith, Uckfield FM, UK 6 027 Phil Walsh, Secklow Sounds Radio, UK 4 028 Peter Hills, Radio Waves, France 6 029 Graham Lees, Creative FM Radio, UK 8 Yes (very good) 030 Lee Williams, CMR Nashville, UK 7 Yes 031 Rene Hoffman, Country Radio, Switzerland 8 Yes (Creates a great atmosphere with this) 032 George Inglis, TD1 Radio,UK 6 033 Peter Englefield, Hem Country Radio, UK 8 Yes (Superb singer) 034 Bob Birch, BBC Radio 1, UK 6 Yes 035 Max Achatz, Country Jukebox magazine, Germany 6 N/A 036 Kevin Williams, CMR Nashville Radio, UK 8 Yes (This crosses over well.) 037 Eddie Ford, Main FM, Australia 6 038 David Miller, Country Overdrive Radio, New Zealand 6 Yes 039 Stewart Fenwick, Celtic Music Radio, UK 5 (Pleasant ballad) 040 Wilfried Wieczorek, OMCRN Radio, Germany 5 041 Joe Bartolo, One Radio, Malta 8 Yes (Likeable lady with a very good vocal.) 042 Rory Heath, Country Barnyard Radio, UK 10 Yes (Great song) 043 Lorraine Pfitzner, OZMR Radio, USA 8 Yes 044 Lucien Knapen, Radio Ariane, France 9 Yes 045 Kurt Gabriel, ECMA Radio, Austria 10 Yes (Excellent done song, excellent voice) 046 Bjarne Hesselbjerggaard, Syndicated Shows, Denmark 9 yes (Many good songs from this singer over the years - and this is another) 047 Doc Schulze, Radio Eurohertz, Berlin, Germany 9 Yes (Love this) 048 John Andersen, Radio Dandelion, Denmark 6 049 Andrew Wallace, Fraser Coast FM, Australia 8 yes (Very Good song) 050 John Morris, Trust AM, UK 10 Yes (Most enjoyable)”

— DJ/Presenter COMMENTS