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Lynne Taylor Donovan News May 27,2013 Vancouver, Canada LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN - CANADIAN RADIO Lynne's new release of the radio edit for "Turn To Stone" has been downloaded by 40 Canadian radio stations in it's first full week of release. The song, written by Erica Ehm, Tim Thorney and Cassandra Vasik, is getting play now on Country, AC, and HOT AC radio. LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN - AUSTRALIAN RADIO Lynne Taylor Donovan's new release "Turn To Stone" hit Australian radio last week with 63 stations including the ABC radio network which reported adds and spins starting May 17 in Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin and Brisbane. VIDEO UPDATE Lynne will release video for Turn To Stone this week. It is already on CJNT (Channel Zero) in Canada and CMC(Country Music Channel) and RAGE TV in Australia. You can get a peak at the directors cut of the video for a limited time at the link below. We sincerely thank all the presenters,MDs and PDs who have downloaded "Turn To Stone" for their stations. 'til next time, Gord Bridgewater Pacific Records Ltd.

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