Lynne Taylor Donovan “Strong One” update

Lynne Taylor Donovan News April 24, 2016 Vancouver, Canada Lynne Taylor Donovan “Strong One” update Strong One is the highest new entry of any song this month and entered the UK/EU DJ charts on April 9 at number 10. After two full weeks at radio, Strong One jumped 7 spots to number 3 this week. Lynne Taylor Donovan (LTD) released her new single "Strong One" to radio in the U.K., Europe, and parts of Australia on April 2. Penned by renowned songwriters Cyril Rawson and Byron Hill, this much anticipated new single has a more traditional sound and features violin, steel guitar and piano. The song was recorded on tape and mastered to digital. "(The) Strong One" is the first new single for Lynne since "Sugar Lake" and is something Lynne has wanted to do for some time. The song is featured as the first premiere track on the new Hotdisc distribution from the UK. DJs/presenters are playing the song in every country in Europe as well as throughout the UK. There are too many of you to list by name but you know who you are and send our sincere thanks for the great support you are giving Lynne and the new song. Due to the incredible response to the song, the North American and Australian release dates for (The) Strong One have been moved up to May 16. Until next time, Gord Bridgewater Pacific records Ltd.

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