Lynne Taylor Donovan News April 2, 2016 Vancouver, Canada Lynne Taylor Donovan Releases New Single Lynne Taylor Donovan (LTD) released her new single "Strong One" to radio in the U.K., Europe, and parts of Australia on April 2. Penned by renowned songwriters Cyril Rawson and Byron Hill, this much anticipated new single is a more traditional sound for Lynne and features violin, steel guitar and piano. The song was recorded on tape and mastered to digital by Craig Waddell at Gotham City studios in Vancouver. The vocals were produced by Juno award winner Geoff Eyre with additional production by Juno nominee Al Rodger. "(The) Strong One" is the first new single for Lynne since "Sugar Lake" and is something Lynne has wanted to do for some time. It has virtually no added effects or over-dubs and captures a moment in the studio when all the parts came together to create a very special moment. The song is featured as the first premiere track on the new Hotdisc distribution from the UK. and will begin arriving at radio this week. Pre-release reaction from presenters/DJs is very positive with comments ranging from ..."may be her best" ..."brilliant"...and...."very very good...Lynne's vocals are excellent". Until next time, Gord Bridgewater Pacific records Ltd.

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