LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN NEWS September 14, 2013 Vancouver, Canada SUGAR LAKE RELEASED TO COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY RADIO Lynne Taylor Donovan released her hit single "Sugar Lake" to university/college radio in North America September 9. The response to the song on commercial radio in Canada, Australia and Europe has been amazing with" Sugar Lake" staying in the UK TOP 40 for 11 weeks. "Sugar Lake" was released to commercial radio in Canada and Europe in August 2012 and Australia January 2013. The second Canadian single "Turn to Stone", released this summer, was followed by a half-hour Canadian Country Spotlight special which aired on over 32 major radio stations across Canada in July and featured four of Lynne's singles. "Turn To Stone" will be released to campus radio in early October. "Sugar Lake" is available on over 60 download sites including CDBaby and iTunes worldwide. The reviews of "Sugar Lake" speak for themselves so we have included a few below. "......Donovan has once again reminded programmers and audiences who listen to country and adult contemporary music of her ability to inject personality and passion into a song. She’s done that with a red hot new single titled Sugar Lake that has lit up the charts in England, Europe, and Australia, and been championed by a long list of Canadian (radio) stations from Quebec to British Columbia. With a welcome new sound that refreshingly strays from mainstream formula country, Donovan has taken a step into a new adventure that has a strikingly comfortable feel as if she has been working up to a song like this from the beginning. Sugar Lake may well become a signature for her and is well worth adding to any music collection." Peter North -CKUA , Edmonton, Canada "....I like this song very much. Nice play on words with the title and very catchy pop country." Stuart Cameron - CMR Nashville Radio, UK "Excellent single brilliant production nice twist on her earlier songs." June Williams - KHBW Radio, USA "known and played Lynne's music for many years and new single Sugar Lake is awesome, so if you don't have it.........get it now" Ron Hoysted - 89.3FM, Victoria, Australia "Right out of the top drawer with this effort...." Alex Pijnen - Zuidwest Radio, Holland "Lynne is certainly on track for a massive hit with this strong new release. Enjoying it immensely, Lynne has been bringing us some excellent material over the years and this will rate as one of her best songs." Tom Robinson - Kingstown Radio, UK 'til next time, Gord Bridgewater - Pacific Records Ltd.

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