Lynne on USA radio, major French magazine special

Lynne Taylor Donovan News October 14, 2014 Vancouver, Canada LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN ON U.S. NATIONAL RADIO Lynne Taylor Donovan was featured on the Ed Tyll national radio show across the USA this week. The show featured a double-play of Lynne's hit single "Sugar Lake" and was syndicated across America from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles as well as around the world on the web. The Ed Tyll Show is also on facebook and twitter. LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN IN FRENCH MAGAZINE Lynne Taylor Donovan gets a two page spread with full interview in the French Music Magazine Sur la Route de Memphis. We thank Gerard from Sur la Route de Memphis and all the presenters in France, Belgium, and Switzerland for helping to make this possible. 'til next time, Gord Bridgewater Pacific Records Ltd.

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