LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN NEWS January 5, 2014 Vancouver, Canada LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN LAUNCHES MAJOR PROMOTION Lynne Taylor Donovan launched a major European media campaign on January 5, 2014. The campaign includes a full length CD containing 6 top 20 songs along with an extensive interview. Over 300 media outlets across Europe and the UK have now received the CD. The promotion will run through the month of March. Advertising is running in print magazines,internet magazines, on social media sites and is posted on wire services in the UK, USA, Europe, China, Australia and Canada. UPCOMING EVENTS 1. Lynne will be featured live from North Yorkshire, England on the Sam Harris Show CVFM 104.5FM at 1PM UK time, Saturday, January 25. 2. Lynne's "Turn To Stone" video will be on The Phil Mack International Country Show on SKY SAT Channel 191 and Freesat 400 starting on January 15. All the songs on the special CD are available on over 60 download sites including the new Russian iTunes site. The media clips can also be downloaded directly from Lynne's website. 'Til next time. Gord Bridgewater Pacific Records Ltd.

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