We are very pleased to announce that Lynne Taylor Donovan has 2 songs voted to the Hotdisc Euro TOP 30 songs of 2016."The Strong One" released in April 2016, entered the charts at #10. It hit #1 in Europe on May 8 and stayed number 1 for 3 weeks. "Am I Dreaming" was released in September 2017. It hit #2 and stayed there for 5 weeks. In January 2017, over 700 DJs from around the world voted "The Strong One" # 9 and "Am I Dreaming" #20 in the Hotdisc Top 30 "Best Songs of 2016". The reviews are excellent and both songs were featured on several USA national talk shows.(see song reviews and links). We sincerely thank all the DJs/Presenters for their tremendous support of Lynne and her music.

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