Australian/New Zealand Update Feb 16, 2013

Lynne Taylor Donovan Update February 16, 2013 Vancouver, Canada LYNNE TAYLOR DONOVAN HITS 75 STATIONS Lynne Taylor Donovan's hit single "Sugar Lake" has now past the 75 station mark on Australian radio. The newest addition is SUN FM/8HA in Alice Springs. Sugar Lake is now on radio in every territory in Australia including Tasmania. Lynne would like to thank all the presenters and media people in Australia and New Zealand for their tremendous support of the new song. Lynne would also like to thank all the presenters who are sending playlists. We know you are very busy so this is very much appreciated. There will be some exciting news in the next few weeks and we will make sure you are all kept up to date as soon as we know more. Gord Bridgewater Pacific Records Ltd.

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