New Album Talk To Me limited edition released Europe, Japan - Sept. 1, 2003
Talk To Me hits TOP 10 on ECMA chart (Oct. 2003)
Second single "Soft Place" hits EMS Euro TOP 5 (Oct.2003)(released Canada April 2004)
Talk To Me" finishes 2003 in Euro TOP 10.
Talk To Me" hits German 'American-Tie Gbr' chart top 20 - (March/April 2004)
Talk To Me" stays TOP 20 ECMA chart - Number 1 in Italy - (Nov. 2003-Sept.2004)
Turn To Stone" charts TOP 20 ECMA Chart (Feb.15,2005)
Lies" charts in Europe July 2005Lies" goes top 20 in Japan.
Talk To Me" CD released to country radio North America, Australia (Jan. 2004)
Make It On My Own" hits number 5 on U.S. Christian chart (Jan. 2004)
Talk To Me" hits Canadian country TOP 40 (Jan. 2004)
Soft Place", hits Canadian country TOP 50 - (Sept. 2004)
Turn To Stone" charts Canadian country Top 40 (March 2005)
Lies" charts Canada late August 2005. jumps 30 spots on Canadian country charts (September-October 2005)
Australian Digital Top 10 (Sept 2008)Make It On My Own" added to Swiss radio nationally (January 2009).
Dear Santa" released to country radio in Europe, U.K., and Australia/New Zealand.Dear Santa" finishes 2009 at #16 in the UK/EU TOP 40 and #12 on the indie chart.
Major release of "Dear Santa" to all country radio North America. (November 18,2010).
Sugar Lake" released worldwide. Official release date of July 1,2012.
Sugar Lake" goes TOP 20 in the UK in it's second week of release..stays in theTOP 20 for 11 weeks.
Sugar Lake" second release to Canadian AC,AAA,HOT AC radio August 9 2012.
Turn To Stone" remastered radio mix released across Canada June 2013.
Sugar Lake" released across USA and to College radio in Canada and the USA July-November 2014.
The Strong One" released to the UK/Euro radio April 2, 2016. The song enters the UK/Euro charts on April 9 at #10.
The Strong One" goes NUMBER ONE in the United Kingdom and Europe on May 8,2016
The Strong One" - 3 weeks at NUMBER ONE, 8 weeks TOP 5, 10 weeks TOP 10 on UK/European charts as of June 12, 2016.
The Strong One" - hits Top 20 on the World Traditional Country Chart - June 14,2016
Am I Dreaming" enters UK/EU charts at number 8 - September 14, 2016
Am I Dreaming" hits NUMBER 2 on the UK/European Charts - September 25, 2016
I Don't Wanna Mention Any Names" released April 3, 2017.
Sooner or Later" released September 1, 2017.
Sooner or Later" enters the Euro/UK charts in the TOP 20. As of October 31, the song was in the TOP 20 for 8 weeks and the TOP 10 for 4 weeks.
STRONG ONE" European re-release propels Lynne to "ARTIST of the MONTH" in Billboard Europe = JUNE 2019
TENNESSEE WHISKEY released to radio in Europe and the USA April 2021. Hits Euro TOP 10 at number 7.
TENNESSEE WHISKEY on UK Country Radio August 2021.
Strong One re enters radio across the UK October 2021.