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Lynne Taylor Donovan: Photos

Dear Santa cover itunes
Beautiful winter outdoor shot on steps of an old armoury in Vancouver, Canada.

Album and Single covers

Lynne's second single (45rpm-1989), (A)"Don't Make Me Lie,(B)"Weekend Sinner". This is the cover of the original release of these two singles. "Don't Make Me Lie" was was her first top 10 in Canada. The songs were redone later and released on CD.
Lynne's third single. (CD single 1990) "Never Comin' Back" CD cover. The song charted high in Canada.
"Back On The Line" CD single cover (1992)
"One Hell At A Time" cassette cover-1995
Single radio and TV covers from the "Talk To Me" CD. "Angel..." was released by itself as a single in 1998 in Canada. It was released worldwide in 2001 and was re-mastered for the "Talk To Me" CD.
"Talk To Me" CD cover. This CD was released in 2003/04 to most countries around the world. In 2009, it was released to new stations in previously "eastern block" countries, Russia, Greece, Kenya, and new stations in Australia.
Cover for the hit single "Sugar Lake".
Great shot for the CBC talent library. This was used for the new remastered "Turn To Stone" (radio edit) single release 2013
Cover shot for the hugely successful hit single "Strong One". The song is the first release from the Nashville sessions. It hit #1 in Europe - UK and top 100 in iTunes country.
The cover for Lynne's follow-up to her #1 hit single The Strong One. Am I Dreaming went to number 2 on the UK/European chart and stayed there for 5 weeks in September 2016.
"Sooner or Later" cover shot. The single was released September 4, 2017. The third single from the Nashville sessions that brought you the #1 hit "Strong One" and the European-UK #2 hit "Am I Dreaming".

Photo Shoot - Sugar Lake, Strong One

Fab new headshot from the latest photo shoot.
Exceptional shot by Doug Buchan. This is the most requested press shot after the "Sugar Lake" CD cover shot.
Great shot by Doug Buchan. This is the cover shot for the "Sugar Lake" single.

Turn To Stone Shoot

Photographer Hamo Djoboulian captured this exquisite candid shot at Greenhouse Studios during a break in the filming of the "Turn To Stone" video.
Another shot by Hamo Djoboulian captured Lynne in a quiet moment with her statue on the stage at the Roxy Nightclub in Vancouver, Canada, during a break in the filming of the live scenes in the "Turn To Stone" video.