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(Never Thought I'D) Make It On My Own

(Lynne Taylor Donovan)
David Rodenberg
MAKE IT ON MY OWN - (David Rodenberg)
Performed by Lynne Taylor Donovan
CD - "Talk To Me" (Pacific Records PR03-001)
Video - "Make It On My Own" (Pacific Records PRV-05-001)

We were so close, two of a kind
Life was sweet, like the grapes on a vine
Every day, my love would grow
You were my world, my heart, my soul
Then she slowly took you away
It was the hardest time in my life
And I begged you to stay

Never thought I'd make it on my own
Never thought I'd find the strength
To face this world alone
Now I'm stronger than I've ever been before
How could I've ever known
That I would make it on my own

I got that feelin'
I'd be alone and afraid
It took all I had to face each day
But I stood tall, and I didn't give in
I faced my fears and found it all within
I broke those chains that held me down
Now I'm living my dreams
And you're not around



Brent Shindell-guitars
Robbie Steininger-guitars,slide guitar
Geoff Eyre-drums,backing vocals
Brian Newcombe-bass
Billy Mendoza-backing vocals
Al Rodger-keyboards