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Lynne Taylor Donovan: Guestbook


October 7, 2005

AWESOME photos taken by Bal Dosanj. They really capture the moment!!!


September 20, 2005

hi i am from atlanta ga i was browsing around on the internet and came across your site....good luck and your music is great

Clive Smith

August 7, 2005

Hi Lynne,

Just to let you and your fans know that the interview you recorded with Andy Sayers from HOT N GOLD is now up and running on the station. To listen your fans can go to and sign up there with a user name and password (IT'S 100% FREE) For transmission times of your interview go here For further details check our web-site out at
Wishing you continued 'Good Health Lynn'. (Clive)

Ray Colder

July 20, 2005

Hey Lynne,
I am a big fan. Bigger now that I have seen you play at the mountain fest. I didn't make it to the autograph booth. Too bad! Have bought your CD from CD baby today so at least I have that. You are a very good performer and I liked the songs very much.

lorna Oconnor

July 7, 2005

Lynne I first fell in love with your music when i saw u here(kelowna) my home town. I am so looking forward to seeing you again in Merritt. You are such a talented lady. You have very good music . And to top it off you are very beautiful. I wish you all the best of luck wtih your career and you will go places with the music you sing. Love ya Lorna

dieter mühlena

July 4, 2005

I forget to tell your fans about our website:

We love your great music here in Germany!


Bill Whiston

June 20, 2005

First met you at The Best Western, where you signed the CD "Never Coming Back" Will be at Mountain Fest again this year and looking forward to seeing you again. Hope you will be signing autographs.

Love your music


peter[big pete]windle

June 11, 2005

G'day lynne
just popped in and say G'day love your c.d still playing on my program yarra valley fm99.1 in melbourne Australia one day we will catch up .
big pete

donna anderson

June 8, 2005

Hi Lynne
I heard your song on the Dave Cash Country Countdown on Radio Kent a few weeks back and he gave out this web site address so I thought I would write and say how much I enjoyed it.
I had never heard your music before but I will be making an effort to hear some more, unfortunately a lot of country cds are only available on import in my area of the UK (Belvedere in Kent just outside of London) so they are very hard to obtain all at once.
It was so nice that you took the time to contact Dave during the show as it gave us the opportunity to find out more about you.
Best wishes

Joe Vincent

June 6, 2005

Hi Lynne,
You have got a great album there with "Talk to me". You are a very talented lady, great voice and excellent looks as well. Looking forward to playing some of your songs from Talk to me.I wish you a great future Lynne.
Joe Vincent.

Doreen Christensen

May 22, 2005

Hi Lynn from Denmark, from a fellow Canuck!! A COUNTRY DJ on the OLDEST GRASSROOTS RADIO IN DENMARK!
YOU'RE GREAT!! Got anything new in the works I can Promote for you??
Sure how to hear from you soon!!
All the best,
Yours In Country Music!!!

Alison Hogan

May 9, 2005

Hey Lynne,

Glad to see your website up and running! Great stuff. The new photos are stunning, girl :) Can't wait to see the video.

Call me if you have a day to come to the Island. Would love to do lunch, hang out and work on the next hit.


Jordan Winter

May 7, 2005

Hiya Lynne!

Love your music and your great video!!! (wink, wink) That was a blast to work on! Your fantastic darling, thanks for some really great moments. So gorgeous, what's next???

Hopefully I can make it out to Merritt, I would love to see you live!

Love the website and all the great pictures of beautiful you! Can't wait for more.

Thanks to Gord Bridgewater for always keeping us updated, thanks Gord for all your hard work!

Lots of Love!


Jason Oddy

May 5, 2005


Great to hear you are doing so well - I used to love listening to you while I worked at LOR! You were amazing then and have only gotten better! Keep it up.

Jason and Liz


April 29, 2005

can't wait to see her at merritt in July

Sylvia Boyd

April 19, 2005

I'm so proud of your accomplishments Lynne! Who knew when we were singing at 10 years old!!! Your best friend, Sylvia

Dave Cash

April 17, 2005

Happy Birthday, dear lady. Lots of love from Dave and Jimbob

Natalie Simon / Stylin' Nat

April 12, 2005

I hope its a good one!
Yahoo! A web site.
I love your photos, you look beautifull and sexy too. The whole site looks great. I am very happy for you. Have the BEST birthday ever and keep in touch.
Stylin' Nat


April 12, 2005

Happy birthday Lynne.
may have you a great day.

Randall Cousins, brave new frontiers

April 11, 2005

Happy Birthday LTD ! You have a site to be proud of. Bravo !

we, and our listeners love your tunes.

David Sutton-Rowe

April 11, 2005

First of all Happy Birthday to you I am so proud to be one of the first to be in your guestbook, I shall keep playing your recordings and Video "Turn To Stone" on my show "Solo Country" Am keeping it country here in Spain at Elder 103.3 FM Spain. Love and all that you wish for. David SR
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