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Lynne Taylor Donovan: Guestbook

Rosaura Cory

January 19, 2020

I got what you mean, thanks for putting up. Woh I am glad to find this website through google.

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Kurt K. Gabriel

January 1, 2020

Great Christmas Song. Dear Santa done with an excellent voice.
"Happy New Year"
Kurt ECMA-Radio
"Archangel's Country Club"

Corey Barnes Music Director Country 103

January 1, 2020

Love Dear Santa.
Nice song, very strong vocal. Like the traditional vibe the song has.
CHAW - Country 103,Great Lakes Country.Ontario.

Ray and Jenny

January 1, 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Lots of wildfires here in Victoria but good on our firefighters for keeping us looked after.
Ray,Jenny,Mark,and all of us from your Aussie army.

Rob Williams

September 16, 2019

Heard Strong One today on radio here in Edmonton. Thats a hell of a good song and Lynne is sounding blown away good!

Ron Hoysted

May 12, 2019

Hi Lynne, looking forward to new Reflections album

Austin Oliver

March 8, 2018

I had fun tonight with you and your friend
P S You are all over the UK you know I had know clue
I do have a favorite cover shot.

Dave Plume

March 7, 2018

Hi Lynne,
I want to let you know how proud I am that you've been successful doing what you love. I often think of the times I listened to you playing the circuit in Vancouver early '80s.


February 12, 2018

I heard Strong One on radio at Lyon station and had to have it. Good song. Found it on Amazon. Beautiful.

Barb Easton

September 18, 2017

Hi Lynn , wanted to say hello ( have done couple times but no response.). Like to see if your Mom is still here in the ok? Love to meet for coffee and with you too if you're here sometimes? I realize you're famous now and very busy .
Maybe you will have a minute to get back to me or give Joan my email.
Hope Taylor is doing well and is happy too!
Barb , your former neighbour from Richmond.

Ed Smith

April 27, 2017

Love your Songs We have met

Dianne Cecchin

April 10, 2017

Great to see you on the weekend.

Charles and Aggie

January 16, 2017

Hi Lynne, we heard Strong One on Sky last night. If you are playing around Newcastle anytime, we would love to see you.


November 28, 2016

WOW!! Lynne your voice is like an angel

Daniel de Culla

November 10, 2016

Lovely to hear You.

Jeremy Rees Wales UK

October 27, 2016

Ray Colder

October 15, 2016

Every song just gets better and better!
Ray,Jenny,Mark,and all of us from your Aussie army.

Denny Perrigoue

June 20, 2016

The singing on the "Strong One" is so special--each note is spot on--the emotion--the heart touching voice--just awesome----takes me back to when story and melody was hand in hand--this recording should be number one in US country radio!

Corey Barnes Music Director Country 103

May 28, 2016

Nice song, very strong vocal. and liking the older vibe the song has.
CHAW - Country 103,Great Lakes Country.Ontario.

Bjarne Hesselbjerggaard

May 28, 2016

Have always loved Lynne’s songs. This is no exception

Ron LITTLE AND John Sims

May 18, 2016

WAY TO GO TIKI love ya

Ray Colder

May 4, 2016

FOUND IT!!! Itunes Strong One....bought it!!!
Great song Lynne!!!!

Mark Jackson

April 29, 2016

Just found your new song. just bought three. One for me, one for my wife, and one for my mom. Super song! Check it out!

ray, jenny,mark and all

April 14, 2016

P.S. really cheeky picture. Love the new cover!

Ray Colder, Jenny, Mark

April 14, 2016

Hi Lynne, fab new song!!! Love it!!! Great country song! You ARE the Strong One!
All your fans at The Winery, Sydney Aussieland.

teri vincent

April 14, 2016

Happy Birthday Lynne. Hope you ar having fun.

See you when I get back to P/Land in May!
Teri V
(Carlos workout class :) )

Hotdisc radio

April 4, 2016

12 Noon CMR Nashville (Europe); 12 Noon TD1 Radio (Scotland); 12 Noon South End Radio (Malta)
4pm North Highland Radio (Scotland); 4pm Elite Country Radio (Ireland); 8pm Thunderbolt Radio (USA);
10pm East Coast FM (Scotland); Radio St Florian 1 (Austria); 11pm NZCMR Radio (New Zealand)
8am Ears Radio (USA);10am CMR Nashville (Europe), 1pm Thunderbolt Radio (USA); 11pm NZCMR Radio (New Zealand)
7pm Thunderbolt Radio (USA)
9am Ears Radio (USA)

Kurt K. Gabriel

December 28, 2015

Great Christmas Song done by an excellent Artist with an excellent voice.
"Happy New Year"
Kurt ECMA-Radio
"Archangel's Country Club"

Derek "Bunky" Bunce

September 15, 2015

Looking forward to sitting down with you.
Will be in touch

Tom Slick

May 15, 2015

92.6 The Blitz ‏@926TheBlitz 2 minutes ago
@LynneTDonovan Lynne! Never get tired of "Turn To Stone"

Oliver mendonza

April 27, 2015

Got a customer that came to my shop and as always ask them where did they here of me and he Spain Lynne Donovan. He show me a picture of you and I said she looks pretty but I don't think I know her. He said she know me ( Oliver). Well k
Now I know of you. Thanks I will listen for your music. Thanks Lynn

The Blitz 92.6FM Los Angeles

April 4, 2015

Oh yeah! @LynneTDonovan takes the number 1 song spot of the day with "Turn To Stone"
Congrats Lynne!!!! #TomSlickApproved

Zanie Mollica

December 17, 2014

Congratulations my dear!!!


December 6, 2014

saw video on CMandT in the UK,
WOW and WOW and WOW
The music is amazing, the voice is incredible and the girl looks

Leanne Baillie

July 8, 2014

Hey Lynne! I work part time with Ron @ Home Depot and I am inspired by your work and your story. Keep up the good work because you are awesome!
kindly Leanne Baillie

Georgialee Lang

May 19, 2014

Lynne It's a lovely morning at Predator Ridge and I'm listening to your songs from Rhapsody....what a great voice! So glad to have met you at Trinity yesterday. My phone number is 250-260-4111. My website is and my blog is Blessings for a great week!

Joanne Gerein

January 3, 2014

You are an amazing talented and beautiful lady. So glad to know you :) xoxo

Patricia Sweeney

December 30, 2013

"Holy mackerel. That song attached to your article (Dear Santa) was just great. Sounds like something they could play on WBLS here in NYC." Merry Christmas
Patricia Sweeney.(a new fan)


June 1, 2013

G'day Lynne. NICE,NICE,NICE.
Lovin' Turn To Stone.

Merv Romeo

November 14, 2012

Congratulations Lynne on you Aussie release. Playing it on Friday 16th November as a new release on Goldfields FM 99.1 Maryborough Victoria - Merv Romeo

Susan Little

October 24, 2012

Way to go Tiki!

Rod Bergman

September 20, 2012

So proud to have known you back in the beginning. Your success is so well deserved, Lynne. Still waiting for you to release "Please Remember Me`. Take care & keep on singing!

Mary Jane Banks

September 18, 2012

Great new song. Way to go Lynne!

T Jae Christian

August 12, 2012

HI LYNNE, Great photos! Who ever did the shoot, had it easy! they had a great subject! One of my friends suggested I would like you, & Of course I DO!

Kurt Gabriel

August 11, 2012

Hi Lynne,
Excellent songs, and super pictures.
I would like to have more of your music for airplay on my program, which I compile for ECMA-Radio.
Stay well.

Taylor Short

July 23, 2012

We were driving around Saturday and heard Sugar a killer song!!! Thankyou Lynne and thankyou 103!!

patricia sullivan

July 1, 2012

hello just wanted to congradulat you on sugar lake wish you great succes my son tom wrote it have a good day

Mary-Anne Schram

June 29, 2012

I love the new single my dear friend! :) But then, I've loved them all! Way to go!

Dee Radford

June 29, 2012



June 29, 2012

Didn't see "Johnny was a Gunman" in your early songwriting So proud of all that you have experienced and accomplished...can't wait to see what's next!

Joan DeCook

June 29, 2012

Oh My God - this is FABULOUS and is sure to be a hit. It's the best song I've heard in a long time. Good luck and all you people out there - request this and let's get her on air!


December 21, 2011

saw you in sounding board mag.i play d 28 love your music cant listen to it to much im falling in love lol!!!


July 29, 2011

Found you via a link on NBRN.FM site and really like your songs. A cd maybe be making it's way to England very soon.
Would appreciate if you visit my site and return the guestbook signing.
It lives at

Terry Kristmanson

December 21, 2010

Your music is beautiful,

Thank YOU

horst m.

December 15, 2010

merry christmas and a happy new year...good luck to you....

many greetings from hannover germany

Ralf Eyertt

December 14, 2010

wish you a merry xmas time.. from Germany
Greetz Ralf


August 9, 2010

hola Lynne,

tu amiga, la colombiana en Kelowna!!!! Me gusta mucho tu musica

Sandy Weme

June 11, 2010

Hey Stranger! It's me (Bibso)
I having been thinking of you and decided to Google you! What a nice surprise to see your website! You look amazing! Congratulations on all your success! Let's try and get together one of these days? Take care, Lots of Love "Bibso"

Ron Hoysted

June 2, 2010

hi Lynne
loved the song Dear Santa great for Christmas,
still playing Talk To Me tracks anything new coming in near future?

amy renning

May 26, 2010

you are fabulous!!!!

Ed Clent

March 5, 2010

hey lynne, great to see your web sight and see you have been keeping busy with your tunes. things are looking awesome for you, love listenin to your stuff. a long ways from the fuzzy peach and the beach where we used to hang. livin in Nashville now, maybe we'll see you next time your in these parts.

John Merchant

January 8, 2010

Hi Lynne,
Hello from Saskatoon.I very much enjoyed the song Dear santa. Very nice for Christmas. I have it on my ipod now for next year. Beautiful!


December 15, 2009

Hello Lynne!
Congrats on the new Christmas song! Sounds lovely!! I remember the video we did the statue for you- had a great time working with you, and meeting you and your mom. Hope you are well- and wish you a very Merry Christmas!! best wishes- jeny


December 12, 2009

Congrats on the success so far with"Dear Santa". Its gonna be a hit!!


September 23, 2009

Have you ever been in the Boston Ma. area? Would be lovely to attend a concert.

dave smith

August 8, 2009

played you on the show this week lynne


June 15, 2009

Reply to Cher: Lynne plays 12 and 6 string rythm guitars. She uses only Martin guitars and strings. She does not play bass or lead guitars on the CD.


June 8, 2009

Hello Lynne Interesting music-Do you play base more than lead or the other way round? TY

Ray Colder

May 11, 2009

Hi Lynne,
Finally saw the Jumo awards show. I am now living in New Zealand so it was hard to get a copy. I was not impressed with the show. They sure don't have anything new for artists. Same old Terry Clarke and other acts.
Sure hope they open their eyes soon because I know there are some great country people in Canada. YOU'RE ONE OF THEM!!!

Jenny and friends

December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and happy 2009 to the best country girl in Canada from your biggest aussie fans.


September 5, 2008

Hi there - blast from the past 1980's Julianas, Richmond etc.,


July 13, 2008

Hello. I enjoyed reading your website.
Have a wonderful day and keep up the good work.

Pauline & Ralph Tyler

June 11, 2008

Hi Lynn,
Met you today June 11th 2008 in PeachLand so came back and looked up your web-site. Like your music, must put it on my MP3 for my plane journey back to the U.K.
If we don't manage to get over on Friday hope all goes well.
Regards Pauline & Ralph

April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Lynne! You are our fav country artist. We have all your songs! You should win a Juno. We were looking for the country category but they didn't have one for girls! Lame!
You are better than anything we saw on the tube. Forever your fans at whistler.
Jenny, Doug, Martin, Sheila, Johnny

Rod Begman

January 28, 2008

Wonderful to see that you're doing so well, Lynne. I'm still waiting for you to put out "Please Remember Me"...It was always a favorite of your "original" fan club.

Wishing you peace, happiness and prosperity. Thanks for all the hours of joy your voice and music brought.

Byron Andres

January 3, 2008

Hi Lynne,
All the best for the New Year, I wish you and your loved one's peace,health and prosperity.

brian garfield

June 24, 2007

You rocked my socks off!!!


Larry Blundell

March 13, 2007

Just discovered your web site....lookin' good! It just seems like yesterday when you were Miss Oktoberfest 1982 here in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. It would be great to see you back here sometime. Will be watching your schedule.

Emma and sarah

March 3, 2007

Hey lynn Its your second couisins Emma and sarah and we love your songs! you've really come along lynn we will see you soon
Emma and Sarah

Kara Torgasows

February 14, 2007

Hi Lynne,
i just came across your website and thought I'd take the opportunity to say hello. I know your are a very busy lady, but I'd love to get together sometime.

i just came across

Pete and Glenda

January 22, 2007

You've come along way since the Harrison almost 20 years ago.....we loved your music then and knew you'd make it big one day! Looks like you're there!

Love, Pete and Glenda

Dave Plume

December 21, 2006

Hi Lynne,
I pray you remember me. One night in a lounge on West Broadway (early 80's. I forget the hotel) I gave you a note that said "From one musician to another, I think you're great!" This is Dave Plume (Dave & Cheryl from Vancouver). I've been trying to find you for way to long!! Remember me saying you'd make it in the industry? Well, looks like you've done pretty well. I don't know if you actually read the guestbook, but I'd love to renew our friendship.

Byron Andres

August 17, 2006

Hi lynn,
Its been many years so I don't know if you even remember Me. I was planning on going to the PNE on August 29th but I realized I have to work. So anyway i recognized your name,lo and behold I went through my memorbillia from the days I was in the music bus. and i came across your first single half heaven Half Heartache and you wrote on it I hope you Like This and you signed it. I really enjoyed it and I remember encouraging you to keep going that you had a very special gift. I can now see that you did and good for you I am really glad to see you are doing so well. I will miss not seeing you at the PNE but I know you will be well recieved. Take care and I wish you health peace and prosperity.

Byron Andres

Merv FLahr

June 20, 2006

Watched your turn to stone video, pretty kool, well done indeed

BEst wishes in your journeys to musical success :)

Ron Hoysted

April 9, 2006

Just popped in to say hi, and that I absolutely luv the Turn To Stone video.
oh and had some friends at Mountainfest, who were really taken by your show.
your Aussie friend

dave smith

March 1, 2006

hi lynne
great album fantastic dvd
good to meet you and do the interview the other year we are coming back to vancouver again soon
good luck with the music
dave smith
dave smith's jukebox show
freelance radio presenter

Jim LeGuilloux

January 28, 2006

Hi Lynne! site looks great,Look forward to judging the star search with you.Photos look great but you are better looking in person! Keep up the good work,Jimmy

Kinsey Youngquist

November 12, 2005

I was an extra in your "turn to stone" video a while back at the Roxy. Is there anywhere on line where I could view it?

robert robertson

October 26, 2005

read the article CMDS in Glasgow Scotland.Your a champion girl,love the photos, ROBERT


October 7, 2005

AWESOME photos taken by Bal Dosanj. They really capture the moment!!!


September 20, 2005

hi i am from atlanta ga i was browsing around on the internet and came across your site....good luck and your music is great

Clive Smith

August 7, 2005

Hi Lynne,

Just to let you and your fans know that the interview you recorded with Andy Sayers from HOT N GOLD is now up and running on the station. To listen your fans can go to and sign up there with a user name and password (IT'S 100% FREE) For transmission times of your interview go here For further details check our web-site out at
Wishing you continued 'Good Health Lynn'. (Clive)

Ray Colder

July 20, 2005

Hey Lynne,
I am a big fan. Bigger now that I have seen you play at the mountain fest. I didn't make it to the autograph booth. Too bad! Have bought your CD from CD baby today so at least I have that. You are a very good performer and I liked the songs very much.

lorna Oconnor

July 7, 2005

Lynne I first fell in love with your music when i saw u here(kelowna) my home town. I am so looking forward to seeing you again in Merritt. You are such a talented lady. You have very good music . And to top it off you are very beautiful. I wish you all the best of luck wtih your career and you will go places with the music you sing. Love ya Lorna

dieter mühlena

July 4, 2005

I forget to tell your fans about our website:

We love your great music here in Germany!


Bill Whiston

June 20, 2005

First met you at The Best Western, where you signed the CD "Never Coming Back" Will be at Mountain Fest again this year and looking forward to seeing you again. Hope you will be signing autographs.

Love your music


peter[big pete]windle

June 11, 2005

G'day lynne
just popped in and say G'day love your c.d still playing on my program yarra valley fm99.1 in melbourne Australia one day we will catch up .
big pete

donna anderson

June 8, 2005

Hi Lynne
I heard your song on the Dave Cash Country Countdown on Radio Kent a few weeks back and he gave out this web site address so I thought I would write and say how much I enjoyed it.
I had never heard your music before but I will be making an effort to hear some more, unfortunately a lot of country cds are only available on import in my area of the UK (Belvedere in Kent just outside of London) so they are very hard to obtain all at once.
It was so nice that you took the time to contact Dave during the show as it gave us the opportunity to find out more about you.
Best wishes

Joe Vincent

June 6, 2005

Hi Lynne,
You have got a great album there with "Talk to me". You are a very talented lady, great voice and excellent looks as well. Looking forward to playing some of your songs from Talk to me.I wish you a great future Lynne.
Joe Vincent.

Doreen Christensen

May 22, 2005

Hi Lynn from Denmark, from a fellow Canuck!! A COUNTRY DJ on the OLDEST GRASSROOTS RADIO IN DENMARK!
YOU'RE GREAT!! Got anything new in the works I can Promote for you??
Sure how to hear from you soon!!
All the best,
Yours In Country Music!!!
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